Project Fur Japan

This afternoon I received this notecard:

In this horrible Japan tragedy, thousands upon thousands of deaths, while every human life that has suffered, passed, or even hurt, I myself cannot also stop thinking about the thousands of animals in Japan that have also lost their lives. They have been left in homes while their owners fled for safety, they have been taken also, along the ravaged waves of the tsunami, never to meet up with their owners again, lost, cold, scared, and hungry. 

I am asking you all to watch this video, and read this story: 

Please understand that the human lives means just as much to me as the animals. I, as I said, am a HUGE animal advocate, and I feel that not as much effort is going towards the animals as they are towards the people. To me, they are worth just as much. 

I, along with many other wonderful people who are involved are having a large fundraiser for the animals called “Project FUR Japan”

With the gracious donation of a sim by LeLutka, we are ready to get this started but we need YOU to get involved. This is how it will work:

Once we get enough people involved, we will open the sim for you to set up your creations. There is an application notecard being passed around which you can fill out and send to Blazin Aubret or Tristan Careless. We even more urge you to fill out the form at instead. 

Once we receive your name, you will recieve a folder with all the necessary information. All will be given more information and a script to put inside your creation to contribute 100% of the proceeds you make. The script is set to send the money to an alternate avatar so all money can be accounted for. The sim will be open for 2-3 weeks to collect donations for the cause. Documents will be sent and blogged with proof of the contributions made and that all monies were sent to the charity. The sim will be open for 2-3 weeks to collect donations for the cause. 

I have investigated all charitys and have decided on a group called  Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS). This group is comprised of three private No-Kill animal welfare organizations in Japan; HEART-Tokushima, Animal Friends Niigata and Japan Cat Network. No animal rescued by JEARS will be surrendered to Animal Control (where they would be at risk for euthanasia after three days) under any circumstance. They rescue, reunite and rehome lost and abandoned animals

I am asking, all of you, every single one of you, and everyone you know, to help these animals. We cannot be successful without you! We need bloggers too! So if any of you blog or know bloggers please contact us.

Please fill out this application if you are interested 

Additional Information for bloggers or interested parties:

I am a cat lady, in sl as well as rl.
But I love all kinds of animals, I just could not imagine losing our Julius, he is part of
our family, so if I can help the animals out in any way I will do so.

I will be bringing you pictures of the items being sold at the Project Fur Japan Fundraiser in the near future.
I hope you will visit and donate, I mean really, this way we can have pretty things and donate money all in one fell swoop.
It really is a win win for all of us!
Especially for our Furry little friends who need our help as well.

See ya soon 😀

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