A Friday Furniture Postie

Have you been to see Rustica’s new Furniture? If not I suggest you do so pronto!
I saw Maxwell’s new Shaded set on the feed and skedaddled over.
And he promptly showed me how everything worked.
Awesome customer service I must say!
Anyways down to the nitty gritty info, It is a full set of 24 items, and the pieces are crazy low-prim, however at the moment I am only showing you the Bedroom parts (I will get to the rest I am sure later lol), but jeez the options he gives go above and beyond most!
The Shaded Set comes in 15 different wood textures, I am showing you the Antique wood, then your fun begins, You wear the hud and begin to transform all the different colorable parts.
There are 80 different textures to choose from, hear that? 80 I said lol
So a design for everyone.
Then you can choose what colors you want your textures to be with a click of your mouse.
The Furniture also has menu driven poses.
And the best part is the bed makes itself when you get out of it lol
Now my only Question for Maxwell is……….
Can you make this for me in real life? lol
…….and ya including the bed making itself, I would love that!
Visit Rustica Home Furnishings, you wont be disappointed!
See ya soon 😀

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