Feathery Goodness

Hai *waves* I have been knee-deep in sorting my inventory, since I have not done so since Christmas lol
But I scrambled on over to Fishy Strawberry this AM to pick up her new release of “The Little Suede Dress”
‘Cause I so cannot resist anything with feathers!
I also found this great hair, from Cheerno, buried in a hidden file I had forgotten about, but what great timing!
See ya soon 😀
Hair: Cheerno – DUDU/Dark 3.1N
Skin: Mynerva – New Kiana Smoky (skin fair)**edited to add: available in-store as well
Dress: Fishy Strawberry – Little Suede Dress/Tan
Socks: Maitreya – Moxie/over the knees(comes with shoes)
Boots: mon tissu – Provence Riding Boots/Dark Brown
Scarf: Surf Couture – Central Park Scarf/Cream
Hair Feathers: Sweet Leonard – Beautiful Bird/VIP gift
Earrings: Djinn & Tonic – Sorrow Sparrow/Salt n Pepper
Bracelet: Sole – Comp Leather Bracelet
Rings: Zaara – Kashiti Bobble Ring/Onyx & rangs – Eagles Salute Ring

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