Kitty Cuddle

Meet Maude, she is my 6 day old KittyCat, yes I fell victim for a breedable kitty
/me drops head in shame lol
but….but…….but………….. it’s a kitty!
Today I got a first cuddle from her, and took a picture asap. Before this she was just to darn small. 
KittyCats come in a few different kinds and colors, right now they even have a Special edition valentines kitty, in 8 different colors, I think I am going to hold out for a Bengal though, when they come out, so hurry KittyCats, Maude needs a friend!
Visit KittyCats and check them out for yourself, I am off to get Maude a kitty hammock, hmmmm or maybe a kitty chaise lounge, or a sleepable suitcase or……………………….rofl
Maybe just one of each ;D
See ya soon 😀
Maude the Kitty: KittyCats 
Hair: !lamb – Mess – Rotten Carrot
Skin: Curio – Sweetheart Rose in Sundust
Tunic: Oyakin – Linen Tunic – cupid heart hunt prize
Shorts: Mustache – Destroyed Denim Short in Slate
Boots: Kao – Suede Fringe Boots in Pink

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