Switched to Kirstens

Well the day has come, after the whole Emerald debacle, I swore I would never use a TPV again, but I ate my own words as I switched over to Kirstens from good ole LL 2.4 Viewer. I was having problems with shadows and lines going through my photos@higher resolutions of course, but is there any other way to take a nicer picture? lol

Then I realize, OMG Kirstens even has a PINK starlight viewer skin(hangs head in shame, I am so fickle) well that’s it, I cannot give up anything pink……….ever lol.

So I am off and running and taking pics like crazy. Here is the very first picture I took, not even letting the viewer rez fully, just so I could see if the lines were making themselves visible, yes it has the unrendered look, but I really like it so I thought I would share.

See ya soon 😀
Hair: Truth – Billie, Espresso
Skin: Al Vulo – Troy Natural Fairy
Top: Izzies – One Shoulder Top, Cream

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