Grab Yourself Some Latte!

Out on my travels today I stopped by one of my favorite stores, Latte and Yay! They have a new group giftie out! So, yes I had to have! This dress reminds me of something Winona Ryder wore in Beetlejuice, which is a movie I absolutely adore, so I was quite happy to pick this up, So get yourself down to Latte and pick up the Chocolate Dress.

Oh did I mention Latte has quite a few group gifts available? They have Tights(omgIlovemesomeleggings) in 3 different packages and another dress, which was a gift for Christmas that I totally missed, but better late then never. The Christmas V2 dress includes the kewt gloves and neck ribbon.
Now Latte has a bounty for group gifts, but check out this store, one of the most reasonable priced very well made clothing stores in sl.
First Pic
Hair: Maitreya – Joy Bistre
Skin: Curio Acorn [Light] Yum – Plum Slump BR
Dress: *Latte* – Chocolate
Lacy Tights Brown: *Latte*
Boots: ANNEX – LaceupBoots_darkbrown
Second Pic
Hair: *0 Style* – Ayase Dark Chocolate
Skin: Curio Acorn [Light] Yum – Plum Slump BR
Dress: *Latte* – ChristmasV2
Lacy Tights Black: *Latte*
Boots: [e] – Secret Boots Black

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