In the Shadows

I have spent the past couple of days learning about taking pictures with Shadows, and wow talk about being a lagfest. I have taken direction from the wonderful Strawberry Singh, who has a great Tutorial section her blog . I have concentrated on using a few windlight settings with and without the shadows enabled. Let me know which ones you like! And I apologize ahead of time if some are a bit pixelated or dark, I am learning and you cannot learn anything unless you screw it up a bit, can you? lol

This is a picture heavy post, and not as much rambling like I have been doing, which I know some people who read my blog will just love lol.

Ok ok, you got me, last picture was just to show off this very beautiful limited lucky board skin that I won from hsh. If you want this one you better hurry it will be gone soon, you do have to join the group to win this skin, but so worth it, don’t you think? This is a release of her brand new line so go go go!
Now I use SL 2.4 viewer, and I have a brand new notebook, with an Nvidia GE Force GT 425M chip for graphics, which can handle just about anything I throw at it, but when in Shadow mode, I can barely move, so when the suggestion is find the spot first you want to photograph in, do it! It will save you a whole hella bunch of lag and crashing!
Ok off for now, but thank you Strawberry for all the great tutorials, hopefully within time I will get better lol
Hair: Pic 1: AITUI – Ease.long – old FLF item      Pic2: Analog Dog – 17 – Brown Sugar
Skin: :: hsh :: – High Fever skin – lucky board only available until the 11th of January
Coat: izm – Rabbit fur jacket coat, won in lucky chair which has now changed,
 but you can still buy this item in many different colors
Short: [BUKKA] – Stripe short pants – black&white
Leggings: Grixdale(formerly Tyranny) – Currently closed for remodelling
Socks: ~silentsparrow~ – (Robin)(Bella) Knitty socks in chocolate (old FLF item) 
Boots: :SEY – Layer’s Boots A 

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