Been Busy

Hai 😀

I have to admit I have been sl busy, looking for a tiny plot of land. And on New Years Day I finally found one I could be satisfied with for awhile. It only has about 450 prim but enough for me (for now anyway) lol

So of course I have to show it off!

Now tell me that is not kewt!
I just cannot even tell you how much I adore this skybox!, Yes it is a skybox, but I loved it on-site. It has window texture change and inside wall texture and color change. Go see this, you will love it too! I promise lol
And yes, I had to shop like a maniac when I finally purchased my little sandy plot, so’s here is my little house shopping outfit hehe.  
I should tell you that my Sl New Year resolution is a tough one this year lol, I have vowed to not buy anymore black boots! roflmao, white or colors only from now on, I have way way way too many black pairs of boots, time to change it up a bit!
So all in all it was a great New Year for me, I hope yours was just as good! Now off to build a Photo Studio above me in the sky 😀 Have a Great Wednesday!
Hair: >TRUTH< Courtney – Espresso
Skin: -Glam Affair- Jadis Dark – TDR Special A
Blouse/Headband:  Suki’s Silken Fashions – Pirate Nights Shirt Nautical72 hunt gift
Bracelets: -Mons- Blue & Black fair 
Ring: Zaara : Kashitti Bobble ring – Onyx
Skirt: ::C’est la vie!:: Flared Skirt – Bird Charcoal Grey – Group gift in-store
Leggings: R.icielli – Leggings/Jeans White, part of TDR New Years Specials
Shoes: *RRS* River Queen – White – Humpday Deal! Lacy goodness which are also color change!
            Get these today!

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