I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (1)

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (2)

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (3)

[PXL] Creations Mia.Uber

I have been in a very purple mood lately, haha and if you knew me you would understand that is totally not me at all, I avoid this color at all costs. But since being back in sl I am totally loving this flavor of the month lol. I happened on an old tune from Prince yesterday that I haven’t heard since my early teens and omg do the lyrics rock me to my soul right now. I know I have been away a fair amount lately but not to worry, time is not going to be an issue again. There are so many events to catch up on and its my favourite time of year, fall……autumn and of course pumpkins and treats! I will also celebrate my 7th rez day this month……..wow am I just crazy?! Or just crazy enough ;) hehe

I am wearing the fabulous Mesh Elena Dress, which has the option to not wear the very pretty bra included, combined with a very pretty new 50 Shades Mia skin from [PXL], Four wonderful makeups  to choose and I adore every one of them. Both available at the newest round of Uber which has everyone in a tizzy in 50 Shades Style!. Ohhhhh and I tell you Mina has this absolutely amazing Mesh and Material Ready Bloom Style hair out in the gacha machines at The Chapter Four! Yummy colors to play for as well as these fabulous flower bits in different colors to wear with! Also do not forget to pick up a few pairs of these lovely Mesh Candied Stilettos from Miseria made for the SLink AvEnhance Female High Feet, while you are there yes?!

Ok I am out to nab my bird out of the oven and feast, I hope you all enjoy the holiday and I will definitely

See you soonish :)



Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh/Materials Bloom in Dk Brown 05 w/Pink Head Flowers New <3 Gacha@The Chapter Four
Body: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin/Applier: [PXL] Creations ~ Mia inPale 50Shades Makeup 04 MEB C2 New <3 Avail@Uber
Eyelashes: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.02 (only top) 

Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual/Elegant Hands & Female High Feet
Necklace: Cae ~ Entwined Necklace w/Hud New <3 Avail@Fit for a Princess
Dress: Baiastice ~ Mesh Elena No Bra Dress in Lilac New <3 Avail@Uber
Shoes: Miseria ~ Mesh Candied Stilettos New <3 Avail@The Chapter Four
Pose: Marukin ~ [motelier] 892i3th Normal New <3 Avail@C88
House: Trompe Loeil ~ The Dreaming House V1.1 New <3

Queen of the Castle




Ola! Happy Turkey Day for all celebrating Thanksgiving today! I’ve had photos ready for edit for the last few weeks and yet had not updated my windlight or preferences after the new The Queen of My Castle (5)computer switch-a-roo. This is the only set that made the cut lol. I just adore this fabulous new Mesh and Material Ready Aurora Gown from LeeZu! This gown is available in all different shades to choose and has a flexi attachment skirt which I love love love! I have always loved LeeZu from a very early stage in my second life and I still cannot wait to put on anything this amazing woman releases. She who manages to captivate every silky feminine wile of every women in fashion is a total keeper yes?!

This is also a new [PXL] Mia Apocalypse Makeup from last months Uber event, she is very lovely indeed! Stay tuned for my next post which has a brand new fantastic Uber skin for this months round! The terrible cute nails are from Flair and were last rounds My Attic at the Deck specials, but if I know Sasy she has these in store for purchase now :) The gorgeous Feuilles Lariat Necklace is from Earthstones. I have another post coming up in a few minutes so I shall see you soonish :)


Hair Band: pr!tty ~ Spring Dreaming Rainbow Headband
Hair: Analog Dog ~ Tootsie in Lt Browns (includes braided headband not shown)
Eyelashes: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.02 (only top) 
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Skin: [PXL] Creations ~ Mia in Natural Apocalypse Makeup 04 MEB C2 w/ Lips 01 &  Moles Dark New <3 
Body: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual/Elegant Hands & Female High Feet
Nails: Flair ~ Set 228 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink Mesh AvEnhance Hands/Feet New <3 
Necklace: EarthStones ~ Feuilles Lariat Necklace New <3
Gown: LeeZu! ~ Mesh/Materials Aurora Gown w/flexi Skirts in Mauve New <3 
Poses: Ma Vie. ~ Missing Pieces 03/10 New <3 
Location: The Looking Glass

I’d Trade My Soul For A Wish

I'd Trade My Soul For A Wish (1)

I'd Trade My Soul For A Wish (2)

I'd Trade My Soul For A Wish (3)

Good evening, I wanted to get something out before I fall into bed from exhaustion……it has been a long day, or in my case a very longpage2 month. I look at my computer most nights and almost want to cry from absolutely no use, since joining the working world again with very long hours, I havent been up to posting in my usual manner and I do so apologize to all the wonderful designers that share their amazing designs with me.

I am wearing a fabulous little outfit made by Bela from TuttiFrutti, the Ivy Mesh Sweater is available in Stripes as well as solids. The Ivy Mesh Skirt is available in some wonderful shades as well. I am also wearing some beautiful New Nail Appliers from Flair and these crazy gorgeous Elation Platform Heels from L.Warwick…..so yummy. All available at My Attic at the Deck where there are some amazing new deals out for 95L each, oh and the Flair Nails are two sets for 95L! Don’t miss out My Attic at the Deck closes tomorrow at midnight slt time so get the goodies while you can!

A little birdy told me that the sim Possessions is all decked out for Autumn so go check it out, of course after walking around and enjoying the fabulous scenery Evion had stop for a latte. She is amazingly just like her typist ;)

Have a wonderful night and I hope to……………………………………………….see you soonish :)


Hair: Truth Hair ~ Posy in Gingers New <3
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Eye Lashes: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.02 only top halves
Body: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Sia in Asia 01 E New <3 LTD Version
Collar: Mon Tissu ~ Prudence Collar in Cream
Bag: Boom ~ Studio Tote in Brown
Ring: Ceres ~ Dali Ring in Silver New <3
Nails: Flair ~ Set 230/227 New <3 Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Top: *TuttiFrutti* ~ Ivy Mesh Sweater in Stripes/Sangria New <3 Avail@My Attic at the Deck     
Skirt: *TuttiFrutti* ~ Ivy Mesh Skirt in Sangria New <3 Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Shoes: L.Warwick ~ Elation Platform Heels in Cranberry/Brown Requires Slink Mid Female Feet New <3 Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Poses: oOo Studio ~ Bianca 1 & 2 
Location: Possessions Just Opened for the Autumn Season

Tomorrow I Can Change & Today Won’t Mean a Thing

Tomorrow I Can Change and Today Won't Mean a Thing (1)

Tomorrow I Can Change and Today Won't Mean a Thing (2)Ola! Happy Saturday yes? I know it has been a very long time since I have blogged or spent any time in sl, but when life gets moving into the highest gear you just have to go with the flow. We moved into a beautiful condo and today has been the first day I’ve had to relax and gear down. I have missed so much I see……..I will be trying to play catch up the next week or so, and I wanted to thank everyone who sent me thoughtful little messages, each one put a smile on my face and made me miss all of you so much!

Today I thought I would start out with a little goodness by way of gorgeous Lena from Mina Hair, a beautiful Maeve Dress from Lacuna Tomorrow I Can Change and Today Won't Mean a Thing (3)and of course brand new sasy nails from Flair <—- see what I did there ;) All available at My Attic at the Deck which opens tonight at 12 am slt!

I nabbed these fabulous Zoe Heels from fri.day for FLF in a two for one deal. An amazing new Artemis Skin from Glam Affair out at Uber. New Spike Jewelery from Izzie’s also includes Earrings as well(not shown)……and I cannot miss this cute as a button Ritz Handbag from Boom over at Kustom9.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention a wonderful brand new update to the new SLink Physique Mesh Body, the hud is unbelievable so many alpha bits and pieces to hide with the newest version and many other wonderful editions to this already fabulous body!

I will be working hard and making up for lost time and lost filters, settings and programs all due to getting a brand new Asus notebook which seems like forever ago lol. Have a wonderful day and I will definitely……….

See you soonish :)


Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh Lena w/materials New <3 Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Shape: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Artemis in America Cyber Princess 06 F/appliers New <3 Avail@Uber
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual Hands & High Feet
Eyes: Ikon ~ Spectral Eyes in Green
Necklace:  Izzie’s ~ Spike Necklace in Copper/White New <3 Avail@The Liaison Collaborative
Dress: Lacuna ~ Maeve Dress in Tan New <3 Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Nails: Flair ~ Set 229 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink AvEnhance Hands/Feet New <3 Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Bag: Boom ~ Ritz Handbag in Cream New <3 Avail@Kustom9       
Shoes: fri. ~ Zoe Heels in Dust *Worn with SLink Female High Feet New <3 
Pose: oOo Studio ~ Trudy Three v2                    
Location: Silver Lake

See You Soonish

Ola, You may have noticed that I have been falling behind lately. I have been having major problems with my graphics on my computer. I finally took it in yesterday and I have found out that one of my fans had stopped working and may have overheated my video card/motherboard. :(

Luckily I purchased in store warranty so they have to fix it in 5 business days or replace the whole rig with a brand new one. I hope to be back very soon, until then happy shopping and pay no mind if you notice me drooling over your blogs :)

Have a wonderful week and I will definitely see you soonish :)

Update: Well today I received the phone call from the store where my notebook was purchased almost 2 years ago, and they informed me that the fan for my g75 is harder to get than they realized. As per store warranty if it takes longer than 5 business days to get the parts they replace my rig equivalent to today’s standards, so tomorrow I will have a brand new computer and omg I cannot wait!

I have missed blogging so much!!! I hope to get on tomorrow night and cram in some goodness for you. In other news we are in the midst of moving and my house is a total disaster lol……but when I finally get to sit down in the evening I sure do miss my asus!

Have an amazing night and I will see you soonish!!!! :D


Update: I am back yeah!!!!!! I finally received a new computer and I shall return in the morning to post some goodness from The Liaison Collaborative! So much has happened, we are moving this weekend of course, to a wonderful brand new condo with all the fix-ins! I am so excited!! Oh and while I was computer-less I picked up a real life job lol, ok I was really bored hehe ;)

But tomorrow before my son gets up and my hubs gets home I will be back blogging finally, I did all the work today getting my notebook up to date with all my viewers and programs, I’ve even picked out an outfit, but my eyes are so bleary I must sleep immediately………but I shall return in the early hours for some fashion fun yes?!!!

Until then I will see you soonish for realz this time!!! :)

I Need You by Sun or Candlelight

Yes I Need You by Sun or Candlelight

Ola! It’s been a while yes? We had a fabulous week-long holiday planned, camping and fishing from a water front lot, sadly three days in we received some very bad news and headed off across the province to attend a funeral. I have tried to come into sl but to no avail with a weak at best internet signal. I arrived home a few days ago and can now finally sit down and play pretty again :) I have popped in and out to shop the many wonderful events that are going on, it seems I have missed so much!

Sissy has this magnificent Mesh Vivienne Gown out for FaMESHed available in six beautiful colors to choose. I am also wearing this fantastic curly do Chance from Analog Dog. Of course I am still wearing my fabulous SLink Physique Body with PXL Creations Jade skin and All-in-One Applier Hud for the Physique Body.

Sasy from Flair has beautiful new Nails out at My SLink Obsession, a brand new monthly event starting on the 5th over on SLink West, I think I bought almost everything there as I am a SLink lover lol, You can find Shoes, Clothing, Nails and more at this perfectly cute event, so head over!

I am off for now, but I have so much to blog you I will certainly see you soonish :)


Hair: Analog Dog ~ Chance in Light Browns New <3
Shape: SLink ~ Mesh Physique Body V1 New <3
Body Applier: [PXL] Creations ~ SLink Physique Body Applier All-in-One Hud New <3
Skin: [PXL] Creations ~ Jade Natural Bare Lips MEB C2 (En) 
Eyes: Ikon ~ Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Flat Hands
Nails: Flair ~ Set 223 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink Mesh AvEnhance Hands New <3 Avail@My SLink Obsession
Jewels: Swallow ~ Pink Cameo Choker, Bracelet & Ring
Gown: Baiastice ~ Mesh Vivienne Gown in Nude New <3 Avail@FaMESHed
Pose: Apple Spice ~ Red Carpet Pose 20
Location: Sands of Time

La Isla Bonita

La Isla Bonita (2)1

Today Evion is on her own beutiful private island, bikinis and bows abound in this fabulous mesh Ariara Bkini from Boom! This Little Bones Baptism hair is wonderfully curly and comes with a hud for the pearl and ribbons. I am off for a bit, have a great day and I will certainly see you soonish :)



Hair: Little Bones ~ Baptism in Ombre New <3 Avail@The Secret Affair
Head: SLink ~ Mesh Visage Becky Head 
Body: SLink ~ Mesh Physique Body V1 New <3
Head Applier: AE Adam n Eve ~ Taliya Genesis Tone Visage Applier
Physique Appliers: AE Adam n Eve ~ SLink Physique Tone B Applier New <3
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Flat Hands
Bikini: Boom ~ Mesh Ariara Bikini in Marshmallow New <3
Pose: Ploom ~ Naughty II


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